Sunday, September 8, 2013

Ely, Nevada

 Here we were yesterday,,,,  Have FIVE bars at LaQuinta here and internet doing well, so glad it is NOT my computer...  we have had a great day,  some rain.... Down to 67 on some of the passes,  Been above 5000 all day long.. at 6400 here....
Doing laundry...  :(

 This is Black Canyon of the Gunnison, most all of the pictures look like this,  for me that is OK but not all as they are all the same, are blog worthy  :)

 Then some of Arches... great place,  the light was just about perfect on the way in... Blue, blue sky with white fluffy clouds.. on the way out a couple hours later, it was hazy... also heading in opposite direction so different light

 Balance Rock....

 Skyline Arch....

 This was some Gardens.. don't remember.... but all was just stunning to see... even the dead trees, next to the red dirt...

 Today on Hwy 50.  Once again no RV Parks hardly at all, certainly NO place to pee!!!  One place there were no services for 83 miles......  only saw 2 motorcycles and a couple cars and couple pick-ups.... As Tim McGraw says  "Highway Don't Care"

 Just look at those clouds!!!! and the color of the vegetation....

We had a very good day!!!  Over 2000 miles traveled so far...
Have decided to forgo staying in  San Francisco.  would be lots of people, traffic and have been having a hard time finding a room that is not under $200 per night.  Would rather spend the time we have at the beach!!!  And have a hair and nail apt for both of us on the 13th in Redmond, so have to get to that  :)
Isn't this a great land tho????  So many beautiful wonders to see and be a part of...
Take Care All and God Bless


  1. Your photos are gorgeous! I am hoping to come through Ely on US50 sometime in late October when I'm returning to Sacramento. I think the weather should be ok for travel over the "lonliest road".

  2. Fantastic photos. Glad you found a place with enough bars to upload them!!!

  3. I love cloud pictures and you got some gorgeous ones.

  4. What a great trip! Although you covered some of my favorite places might darn fast. Yup...needing to pee is the biggest reason to travel in a big expensive

  5. Love the shots of the canyon and the Arches! One of the things that caught me on my travel was also the changing color of the landscapes in each region. Glad you two are having fun!

  6. Your pictures took me back to those places. Thanks!