Tuesday, September 10, 2013


I learned the 'lingo' today  Tall-iced-soy-two pump vanilla-latte .. I am happy, happy, happy...

AND  have had such a time with the internet.. even called my cousin JOHN in San Antonio, TX just as he was getting ready for bed.. becuz last night I could not get on at all and LaQuinta was most unhelpful.. and I needed help in the worst way.. and he came up with me having to contact the front desk, as all else looked like it was working fine!!! BUT Holiday Inn Express came thru for me once again...  who knew that when it asks for a user id and password, you just have to say no, you don't have to have one, and go to the next screen and then you get on!!!  then do the access code and  agree to everything and then when it says this page can't be displayed, all is still not lost... just key in www.google or yahoo in the address line at the top and you are on the internet, when you thought all hope was lost and low and behold it is not!!!
I mean if that is not a geez moment, I don't know what is!!!!

 Was on the phone with a friend and looking all about for a pen and paper and could not find the phone....  think, think... yes  think..  you don't need to find the phone as you are on the phone!!!!
what in the world

We or rather I got lost again.... went too far and was not watching close enough, seriously I think there is something getting to be wrong with me!!!  Had to back track again as did not want to go into downtown San Francisco, wanted over the 580 bridge... I really don't think signage in some places is very good....

 BUT  we found In N Out Burgers.   Yumo,  in Petuluma, Calif

 First sight of the beach near Bodega Bay!!!  My, my this is a windy road Hwy 1..... through those small towns.  but it has been fun and have found some real treasures  :)

 Here we are on top of one of the capes in the clouds at the beach!!!!

 Isn't is magnificent.....

 Look at the BIG old smile on Carol's face at her first sight of the Pacific Ocean in Over 10 YEARS!

 this pampas grass is growing all along the roadside in this area...  is it invasive or a weed?  I always thought of it as a really pretty BIG grass!!!!

 AND our favorite flower, the Hydrangeas....  love, love, love these.... this one had some blue in it.. and then I saw the PINK one, don't think I have EVER seen a PINK one!!!!  It was beautiful.. but think the blue is still the fav!!!

So we had a great day....
Yesterday was a slog through the rest of Nevada, into California, made it to Sacramento, past the beautiful Lake Tahoe, altho it was really crowded and they were redoing roads, so all the traffic was down to ONE lane  and Sacto was 103!!! All the passes on the loneliest road went on forever.... it is a  drill in persistence and finding a potty place.....
But today was definitely the payoff and we are enjoying wearing long pants and sleeves and the coolness and breezy weather of the beach  :)
Take Care All

I learn something new every day and forget 5 other things forever!!!


  1. Good Morning - glad you finally got the internet situation solved. If you are headed thru Redding, Paula lives there now. Phone number is the same as before. Drive on!


  2. I'm so glad that you were able to stuff all your brain cells inside your skulls after finally getting the internet stuff working! It's rough!

    The pictures of the coast and plants are really lovely.

  3. It really shouldn't be that complicated to get on the internet. Makes no sense to me. But I'm glad you were able to conquer the beast. Love your coast pictures.

  4. Great pictures. Our kids have been telling us for years we should try in an out burgers-now I see why:)

  5. Your last line made me laugh out loud! Love it, me too. Glad you aren't in 103-howawful for those who are. Love you selfies!

  6. Gorgeous photos today! I remember that drive up the coast very well. I was just starting out with my motor home and some of those hair pin turns were really something! I don't think I'd do it again, but I'm glad I did that route. It was beautiful. :)