Monday, September 2, 2013


 The kids were SO excited as they were going camping this morning and saying good-bye to us...  They always run to the end of the block, to wave & watch Carol (a.k.a. DD) turn the corner.  They stop at the neighbors steps, so they are not near the street or crosswalk and are always really good about doing that.
 Day spent getting last minute things together and ready, then out to dinner with Patti at the "Filling Station"  I had chicken tortellini soup, which was very good and 'they' had nachos, which they decided they should have shared  :)...  It was another very special, talkative, sharing meal... LOVE those type meals...
Take Care All, may you have people to 'share' with also!!!!


  1. Sit back and relax and cherish the memories of their visit.

  2. Good pics, especially our wiggly worm grands.

  3. Looked like " a good time was had by all"