Saturday, September 7, 2013

In Moab

In Moab, UT tonight... barely have internet connection, last night it took forever to download those pictures and tonight, I m not even going to try...
First thing, this morning tried to call the auto shop,, it is Saturday and they were closed We went by there just in case someone might be there, NO.... :(   BUT we could see the phone in the chair in the lobby..  hahahaha... SO tried to find the owner, no listing.... SO  called the local city police and the dispatcher was really helpful. Called me right back and connected me with the owner...  they know everyone in a small town..... and he was there in 10 minutes and let us in to get the phone..  How nice was that????  He looked like he had just gotten out of bed too  :)
Down the road we went to Black Canyon of the Gunnison.  Wow.... that place is awesome.  BUT would not take any kids there,  the canyon is 2200 feet deep and there are basically NO fences or guard rails..... this canyon is only 48 miles long and drops in feet as much as it takes the Mississippi to drop in 1500 miles!!!!  It is so short and drops so fast that it just scoured out the canyon walls over time... it is amazing to see.  some places are hardly the width of a good sized house.  Now with irrigation and a diversion dam in place, it does not go as fast as it used to, not as much water volume..
Then we went to Arches National Park.  I was able to get us in FREE with my old farts pass, so except for food and gas.. entertainment was FREE  :)..... oh, then there are those darn t-shirts I keep having to buy....  Arches is beautiful, I was there in 1986 and the car had no cruise control and no AC and it was 107!!!  We did not stay long and did not drive all around... this time it was 98 but we had AC, so it was bearable... but there was no hiking into anything, but there is plenty to see and gaze at without a hot, exhausting walk.....
There were also many RV places around Gunnison and in Arches.. but some of those roads in Gunnison were a bear and would not want to be hauling my pick-up up some of those grades, but there were lots of campers, so apparently it is not impossible.....  Monarch Pass was over 11,000 feet!
We certainly did see some wonders today..... but you will have to take my word for it, as the internet and pictures are just not working tonight...
Take Care All...  Tomorrow hope to make it to California!!!!!


  1. Love that small town customer service. Sure glad you got the phone. Such a beautiful area. We were there when there were at least a million other people and I want to go back sometime when I could enjoy it.

  2. Arches is a problem -when is it not too hot AND not too many people?? Glad you got to see it. I haven't yet.

  3. Looks like you're really getting around!

  4. After all the trials and tribulations of yesterday, things certainly improved for you today. :)

  5. Glad you could see the sights from an air conditioned car. That's too hot for me. Hope to see some pictures when you bet better internet.