Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Kansas City to Dodge City

 We stopped at Tall Grass National Preserve.. It was a great place

 This house was part of the preserve, but don't remember whose house it was or when built, so will do a blog on it another time, as all info is in the car, I am in my room for the night and NOT going back down there.  :) Love going thru these.... and seeing how they had to live, It was sultry in there, even with fans blowing, which they did not have at the time....

 Here is the prairie in the Flint Hills near the preserve.  The grasses are wonderful!!

 Look at all the different grasses and textures....

 These sunflowers are abundant and everywhere, especially alongside the roads..

 Here we are stopped in traffic, only once today.... AND I missed the turnoff from 35 to 54/400.. to Wichita.... I swear there was NO signage.. why aren't all the states the same, there should be some rule or something.  Some state are really not clear at all as to when and where to turn.  AND Kansas has toll roads, who would have known???

 Here we are at Casey's Steakhouse, we shared a strip steak, it was really good, who could eat that whole thing??  We had a lovely waitress, she was so cute, even tho she tried to get us to eat "calf fries"  ;)...uh, no thank you!  And the owner came and sat right at the table and talked with us for most of the dinner, weird, but fun, very personable gentleman... walked like a cowboy!!  You know bow-legged and the swagger..

 This is my favorite picture of the day, sunset through the window of St Cornelius Episcopal Church in Dodge City, Kansas

 And this was neat-o to see!! very interesting.... these cows were HUGE. A few years ago Mom & I were in San Antonio and went to a museum downtown and there was one from John Wayne's longhorn herd that had been stuffed for the museum, one of the last ones in the herd, it was one BIG steer!!! I swear my head was even with its shoulder!!!

Tomorrow we are going to Boot Hill,
Take Care All


  1. Looks like you are having a great road trip. I enjoyed walking around the Tall Grass Preserve last year.

  2. I have no idea what calf fries are. Sounds really strange. Can you blame the poor guy for wanting to spend time with two beautiful, fun women. I remember that toll road in Kansas and I was really surprised also.

  3. Awesome pics! Whenever I hit the Flint Hills/Tall Grass area, I think of all the pioneers...then drone on and on about their hardships. Heading that way today to visit a niece.

  4. Love the sunlight on the church window. Great shot!!!

  5. Interested to hear more about "calf fires." I love the pink and stone house. What a great day's adventure you two had in Kansas!

  6. Really nice pictures, and I want to know about "calf fries"

  7. Oh you have just been to a place WAY high up on my bucket list. The Tall Grass Prairie. I've wanted to go there for years, ever since the Nature Conservancy helped get it saved. Love the pictures of the two of you having such a good time all the way.