Thursday, September 12, 2013

Last Day on the Road

 We are home now...
Got into Redmond about 5:30p...  so glad to get out of that car.  Lots to do around here, weeds, mow lawn, clean house .  got unpacked and things sorted out.  We left an Ipad and jacket in the motel in Brookings..  geez... between the two of us, we seem incapable of checking the room for our things.  Thought I had left my pj's in Fort Bragg, but found them in the car??  how did they get there?  I looked all over for them.  Were shoved under the passenger seat.

 The beach was beautiful this morning, lots of fog, some places could not see a thing, then this..  wonderful!!!

 And we had to stop and get pictures of this place, not open yet, when we went thru.  On all of the travels there were not many wild life,  did see a small heard of elk near Trees of Mystery, but lots of people stopped and we were heading in for the night and had to get where we were going.  Saw some deer in Colorado.  Lots of cows, but they are not really wild life  :)

 Cape Blanco was particularly great this morning.... never been there before and it is a pretty light house, the farthest point west in Oregon...  

 Our last day on the road, took 9 days and 3500 miles!!!!

We shopped in Bandon and had chowder at Mo's in Florence, then decided to go inland there and to Eugene, Springfield, Marcola and Sweet Home.  Stopped to see friend Carol G as Carol H had not seen her for years, then over the pass to Sisters and Redmond.... Also figured altho a tad curvy it was faster than going on up to Newport and over.  AND I got thru Eugene without getting lost, think it is the 1st time EVER!!!
It is good and comforting to be home, Luci is beside herself and stuck to me like glue, and Carl is finally done with his grumbling with happiness.....
Take Care All & God Bless.... safe travels to all


  1. Glad your are back safe and sound. I leave NY either Sun evening or Monday morning and begin my long journey back to CA. Still have a lot of the country to see.

  2. Glad you made it back safe and sound. Only a few missing items. Now the fun begins, unpacking, and taking care of all the neglected things around the house.