Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My Goodness!!

 Had lunch at a deli in Garberville, which the internet touts as the marijuana heartland of the USA... wow what a distinction!!  BUT  LOTS of the people looked like they belonged to that  world and were walking about town.... thought I would once again start the blog with something Starbuckish  :)
We spent the night in Fort Bragg and could not get out of town this morning,  did a lot of shopping,  not leaving until 11:30am, had a brewery there with a brew shop, and then there were a couple of nice shops in the downtown area..... which is a good thing as I got some new jammies and inadvertently left the old ones in the motel room.... :(
 While driving down the horrid HWY 1.. saw Marjory Brown plying her trade along the road..  lovely person, very talkative.. you can see her 'special' little cigarette on the left lower side of her canvas.  :0.. she was very happy, showed me some pictures of her work on her IPad, but she had none with her 4 sale.. I surely would have been interested... thought they were quite good

 It was a beautiful area

 These are why we  stopped.. there were like hundreds of them!!  Someone had to have been busy....

 This is what it was like all the way from Fort Bragg to Legget, where hwy 1 intersected with 101.. what a horrid road, there were RV's up there too!! as there were some parks... why anyone would consider driving there is beyond me....  there were log trucks on the road too, fortunately we saw only unloaded ones on their way to get another load one would assume, glad did not meet them while loaded....  it just went on & on,  no place to stop for relief and it just shows as a line hugging the coast and it does not, can hardly see the ocean the whole way.  Would have been better to take the road to Willits and 101 and skip this part of the drive.... unless you want to see the long, curvy road and lots of trees..  not the Redwoods tho, that is further down and on 101... taking the road from Willits you can get to the Mendocino/Fort Bragg area and not have to travel this road...

  Just before Eureka area

Our picture of the day in front of the Pacific Ocean.. waves crashing....
spending the night in Brookings.  Had wanted to get to Coos Bay.  My estimate of our ability to move from one area to another is way off.... BUT no matter what, tomorrow we are getting to Redmond as we have those spa appts on Friday  :)  So up early and hit he road and no dallying about..... and even if we get home late, well, we will eventually end up in at least MY own bed.... or couch  :) which is quite comfortable....
Take Care All


  1. We drove that road for aways once upon a time and vowed never again. My arms hurt from trying to keep the car in our own lane. So do you think you'll be moving to Gaberville soon?

  2. Safe travels, its always good to get back home.

  3. There is a place in Southern Oregon that could be referred to as Marijuana Heartland... but instead is known as Dysfunction Junction.
    We see those piles of stones in a lot of places, and I always wonder if the people there are just really bored.

  4. I don't care for Hwy 1 either.

  5. We might have passed you on 101 today!! Not going as far south as Garberville - but have been through there before. The poster sure fits that town.