Friday, September 6, 2013

What a day!!!

 Well!!!  First thing we went to Royal Gorge by Canon City, CO...  It was closed!!!!  They had a fire there in June of this year, burned down all the building, concessions and part of the boards on the north side of the bridge..... (see it over my shoulder ?)  BUT  we drove up a little dirt road to a camping site and got to see the bridge and some pull outs showed amazing views of the Arkansas River WAY below.  While on this dirt/rocky road Carol drove over a boulder, while I was scampering about the rocks and dirt paths looking for the perfect picture  :)  we got down on hands and knees and peered 'under there' and could see nothing wrong... just some scrapes... WELL about 50 miles further down the road and way past the Monarch Pass the 'scuff plate' fell partially off. No cell service.. no one stopping, no one about, in the middle of NOWHERE here folks.... so we determined that the plastic thingy would not hurt anything and we drove on  about 15 miles to Gunnison.  Found an auto place Precision Auto Parts who were very kind and considerate to us!!!!  An AAA affiliated place and they were MOST happy to help us.... Put "TAD" (name of the car) up on a hoist and took off the 'thingy' it is for protection, also bent the bar that is around the gas tank, he pulled that out a bit so it is not rubbing on the tank and assured us this would all be well, until we got to Bend Honda and can get the whole thing made new again  :)  FUN!!!  We are women hear us roar, we can handle things like this!!!!
 While by Royal Gorge these fellows and the guy who took our picture, wanted a picture of all of us, so here are our Arkansas boy friends we befriended while on the road.....    :)

 Arkansas River at bottom of canyon, note train down there too!!

 Then up the pass... at least that 'thingy' did not fall off here!!!  Lots of trees up here, big mountains,  oh funny story here too.... Carol was getting her water jug to take a drink,  she has a fancy one from Starbucks.... tall, plastic, with a nipple thing that flips out when you press a button to take a drink and it will close back up and seal, well she pushed that button and at over 11,000 feet I guess there was pressure there and that nipple popped out and water exploded all over the place!!!!  Was jolting/unexpected and overly hilarious!!!!

 This picture was for Sherry of "In The Direction of Our Dreams" me hugging a tree,  has been over a week since I saw one.... and Carol hasn't for 5 years...  we laughed and laughed when we saw this picture... looks like I am holding it up, right?

 Here is the 'thingy' partially hanging off the car,  it did not look this bad when we were driving it, the parts guy has it mostly off here

 And here is 'TAD' up in the air, the 'thingy' is laying on the platform now....

After all of this we went for a Margarita, me a glass of white wine.. nice Italian dinner at Garlic Mike's - Great place!!
As was Precision Auto Parts.. if every in the Gunnison area and need any type of car repair, these are really kind/helpful/great people!!!!
Take Care All & God Bless
After all of this we had a rainbow in the sky at the end of the day, all will be well, and the football team from Texas A & M are staying at the Holiday Inn Express we were staying at!!!  They were huge men!!!  And all the double rooms were taken and we had to share a King  ;(......
Oh AND Carol lost her phone!!!  We are hoping it is at the auto parts place as that is the last time we remember her using it!!  So tomorrow, that is our 1st stop!!!!


  1. Wow!!! What a day. it can only get better.

  2. Still smiling about the Arkansas boyfriends. Glad the car was drivable and fixable! You go, girls!

  3. Great photos! So glad Tad is fixable.

  4. I loved the photo of the Arkansas River. As it passes by us in Arkansas it is a whole lot wider but not near as magnificent as in your photo. I do love the Arkansas though and have lived by it for...well, let's just say a really long time. It is almost part of my DNA so thanks I really enjoyed your picture.

    Have a safe trip!
    The Arkansas Travelers

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  6. That's funny about the water bottle. It would have surprised the heck out of me!

  7. Aren't small towns wonderful? Glad you were able to get fixed up and on your way again. Safe travels.

  8. That was quite a day. Way too much excitement to cram into just a day. So are the boyfriends following you guys around now? I was in a hotel in SLC when the Phoenix basketball team was staying there. I got onto an elevator with two of them and it was really embarrassing where my eye level was.

  9. What a day, wow! Amazing what we can go through and still come out smiling, isn't it?

    I hope you guys find the phone today - and that everything today is GOOD. :)