Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Day...

Well, yes, I know it looks like nothing is there, that is the point!!!  Have been working on the flower beds in the back yard, to get them in shape for winter and ready for Spring  :)  I know, I know. but I like things orderly, so it seems....  some old iris needed to come out, borders needed to be sharpened up, limbs cut, poop picked up... leaves picked up.  LOTS to do....Sprayed for weeds in the front again, they just keep coming up... 
Got the garbage in order and out to the street....

This is what Luci did as I was working in the yard, she got so warm, just loves laying in sun on the north side of the back yard.  there is a little short wall there, of the craft room/porch that the sun beats on and provides lots of warmth in that corner...Carl was there too, earlier but would not stay when I went to get the camera...

The leaves are really starting to turn on the trees in back.  Soon there will be LOTS of leaves for me to pick up and not just a tiny bit here and there....  some of the trees around town are just beautiful, don't know my trees, so don't know the different kinds, except the aspen, can always seem to tell those... distinctive leaves and bark...
Not much going on around here, just piddling about doing this and that.... enjoying the rare sunny, warmish days..
Take Care All


  1. Dogs are so cute when they are at rest, which I think is about 90% of the time!

  2. I think Luci is just tired from watching you do all that work. I know I'm tired just thinking about your doing all that work. And CARL how could you walk out of the picture when you know your fans are dying to see you.

  3. The title suggested the mood of the mood of the post, but at least Luci looks content:)

  4. Way too much work. Our girls love to lay on the hot rocks down here in the desert. Does Luci need to lose a little weight? She looks like our Scooter til we got a couple of pounds off her. Good ole Carl - running off when the camera comes out.