Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Book Review

Oh, my goodness, this is the BEST book.  It is a travel memoir/diary of her and her husband's trip to England.  Two months! AND they went over there on the QEII, now HOW fun would that be!!  It was darn fun to read about.
Don't know how many of you (women mainly one would assume) know about Susan Branch.  ?? She has written many recipe books and planners for Holidays.  Has fabric out and designs for household items and decorating.  Cutesy, lovely things.  I really like her calendars and am working on a daily planner/calendar of hers right now.  She also has a blog I follow.  I like reading travel books ( read many in prep of going in the RV) and was a reader of Peter Jensen, 'A Walk Across America' when was that?  in the 70-80's?  He also has 'A Walk Across China' that I keep meaning to read too.
BUT this, this is a trip I would LOVE to make, have always had a 'thing' for England and love reading about all things English- Rosamund Philcher, Maeve Binchy, Cookson, oh, oh Nora Lofts.
This book is published like a diary, the writing/printing looks like a persons writing and there are watercolors interspersed, along with photos,  pretty doodling.  It just looks and feels like you picked up someone's personal diary about this great trip they were fortunate enough to take and then share it with US!!!!  It is personal, it feels like I am there!  I am happy reading it.....
And it is hilarious the angst they went thru in driving on the wrong side of the road, backwards and her sitting in the passenger side, which is our driver's side of the car.
Maybe you would like it too!!!
Take Care All & god Bless..... happy reading


  1. very interesting, and you are a good writer, too!

  2. I've never heard of her - thank you for the review. I'm going to check out her blog right now. I don't usually buy real books any more, but this sounds like a fun one to have. :)

    Here's the blog address:

  3. I always enjoy your book revies, Loree! You and I like many of the same books.

  4. I looked for this book in the kindle book store and they don't have it yet. I sure would love to read this. Thank you for the review.