Saturday, October 26, 2013

Day 2 in "A Day In The Life"

Here we are on one of the smaller roads on the way to loading...

Getting the bindings ready.  This is a brand...  there is a different hammer/brand for each sale (the Mill supplies them) and the loggers have to 'brand' most of the logs on the load... the brand will disturb the grain of wood to a length of 8 feet into the wood. This is to prevent theft of logs...  There are also 'stickers' or load tags like a deer is tagged to each load that is turned into the weighmaster at the mill.

Here he is getting the bindings on the load. I could barely lift these 'chains' and they need to be thrown over the load and then fastened underneath..

 Here we are all branded, bound and ready to roll!!!  Glad I don't have to have all of these tires on the RV,  six is plenty for me!!

And back out we go.  These golden trees are all Tamaracks... their needles turn in the Fall and no, they are not dead  :)

the Whitewater.... at the bottom of one of the GORGES we had to go down into and back out of, empty and THEN with a full load of logs.... I was hanging onto the door handle at times and on the way out, I was on the steep, drop off side!!!

This was his last load of the day, and a Friday so he stopped at the top of the Whitewater Canyon and we took some photo ops,  could see Mt Jefferson again from here.  Could see The Three Sisters and Black Butte from the landing site.. a wonderful place to spend your working day!!

And here we are just before off loading at the Mill at Warm Springs.
And yes, I had to climb UP into that truck..  at least now I have less to heft up there and did it in short order, so it was not too bad, don't think I would have been able to drag myself up there before the surgery  :0

Jerry has to stop just before off loading and get those pesky binders off now.  That is the mill in the distance.

This machine ( I am sure they all have names) just grabs hold of the WHOLE load of logs and picks it right off the trailer!!!  It was quite something to see!!!

And there they go!!!  They are getting quite a stockpile, in order to keep the mill running during the winter months, when at times, due to wetness and deep snow, there is no logging.. I suppose it also depends on orders and what needs to be processed to meet those orders.

Can you see the digits???  That is our weight with Jerry still in the truck  :)  The truck weighs 27,500 when empty... SO we had a lot of logs on there !!!!!
(Haha, just re-read this, I say 'we' like I had a lot to do with it!!)

Take Care All


  1. It sure gives me a new respect for the guys who do this kind of work. I can't imagine the physical strength it must take. My hat's off to them.

  2. Many of my neighbors in Texas worked the logging trucks. I never went with them but knew it was hard work.
    Every time we use paper or wood, we have them to thank!

  3. My husband was a millwright at a paper mill, and I know all about stock piling logs until the spring road limits are lifted. Have to admire the strength of guys like your brother, wouldn't want to mess with him, or tick him off!! But bet he's as gentle as can be. I'm sure he loves the view from his 'corner office'!!!

  4. So now I know why getting behind those trucks make me nervous:)

  5. Very interesting. Russ was a controller at a timber company and used to inventory the log decks. I always get nervous riding behind or beside a log truck.