Friday, October 18, 2013


My first embroidery from two day class I took from "Sew Many Quilts" in Bend.. it looks kind of goofy, but it is a start... today learned satin stitch (for the nose) and to make fringe...  needs LOTS more experience with the backward stem stitch (I think that is what the rest is called)  It is kind of neat to see the pattern come to be on the cloth...
My Grandma used to do this ALL the time, made numerous pillowcases and also did embroidery on the crazy quilts she would do.  I have one she made for me out of velvet/satin and silk.  All from used fabrics that she got from 2nd hand stores and from friends.  She also made wool quilts from my uncles old Pendleton shirts.  He would get a new one every xmas, shirt that is.  He wore them all the time and they would get terribly worn as he worked cattle and did haying.  AND his german shorthair , Lady, would chew them up when Uncle Jerry would leave her in the house alone  :) which at times he had to do, altho he took her everywhere with him.
Ah, memories......
Take Care All, may you all have such good memories of friends and relatives and mementos from those days.... that is what I am doing is making mementos for my friends and relatives.


  1. Does not look goofy!! It is very cute and best of all you took the class and finished the project!!

  2. Cute snowman. Thinking about those wool quilts your grandmother made. They must have been very warm and would have had that 'cottage' look that is so popular right now. Do you have any photos of them?

  3. Very good looking stitching! Did you learn the secret of a neat backside?

  4. The love shines through as you describe the present and past needlework. Thanks!

  5. Looks lovely, Loree! I would love to take an embroidery class, since there are some quilt projects I want to do that could be embroidered. Also want to learn to do applique as well. Too many hobbies, not enough time, and too far to town to get to the classes. It is nice that you live close enough to town that you can do these things.

  6. Not bad for a beginner. I did worse when I started. It's really fun and there are also great memories that came with it. I have kept all of my work when I was still into the craft. Now, with my busy work, I can only stitch every once in a while. :)