Monday, October 7, 2013

Oh, Geez!

I have had a 'bad' tooth for some time now, was told it was cracked and needed to have it taken care of :(  THAT means a crown, which insurance only pays for half of.. geez... BUT am forever glad that I DO have insurance... I mean I would have to pay for ALL of it..... and it is a bicuspid, so is visible, so not like I could just have it pulled!!! I have been letting it go, seeing what will happen, how long it would be just okay...  it lasted for about a year!! well, it did not get better..hahaha.  Getting worse and now hurts most all of the time... especially with sweets or cold water.  So that is where I am going tomorrow... early in the morning...
AND I have been called for jury duty... 28th thru the 8th Nov.. am rather excited, this is the first time ever I have been called.. and it is our civic duty, right????  And it is not like it is just me making the decision, there are 6 or 12 of us.. worry about making the right decision is all.  Can I listen that hard and retain enough to make an informed decision.. am sure I can  :)
Yard work yesterday.. we have been having some wonderful, mild weather, breezy.. just nice.. (not like the BIG snow in South Dakota or the rain from Karen in the South) Love puttering about doing things in the yard.. making decisions, planting for Spring.. thinking ahead...
Lovely days

Take Care & God Bless


  1. Good luck with the crown, I have had three of them. All where virtually painless.

  2. My insurance never paid for crowns, so my bills were all over $1000.00 for each cap. Glad yours pays half.