Monday, October 21, 2013

Oh, My!!

The trees in the backyard are rapidly losing their leaves, it is all yellow and bright back there.  The ground is REALLY dry tho. Suppose it always gets that way, this time of year but I sure don't remember it. Worry about the grass and everything will just die and not come back without water... Have already raked leaves twice and gotten LOTS of leaves up, but it does not look like that. and the leaves are really dry too.  They are just falling, falling, some continuously.. it was just last week I took a picture and there were still green leaves here, but hardly any now....
Have been really lazy.
Going to the dentist again for a cleaning tomorrow.  That tooth with the temp cap on it is very tender.... to cold and sweet things, and biting down on anything, worry about possibility of a root canal... oh, so hope NOT!!! Hope it settles down
Dogs are in and out, in and out... just not settled....
Reading "Vicious Circle" by Wilbur Smith....   oooo, such horrid things in there, hope there are not people like that in the world and this is just his imagination.
Well, looking around trying to think of what in the world is going on so I can relate something and can't think of a thing, so will go.......................
Oh, the County Sheriff was here, (now that was rather exciting and Brian was sure I had missed my jury duty dates and they were here to arrest me  :0-- lovely child) I have been selected for Grand Jury, three days a week for a month, geez,  have to be there at 8am, am going to have to get up early for THAT.. half hour to Bend and then have to get parking in the downtown area.... darn...............
Take Care All


  1. Grand Jury duty - so not fun. Never have been called and I'm glad about that. Trees are wonderful but I remember having to rake and rake and rake when I was younger. No trees for us here. Yay.

  2. Are you saying you have jury duty AND grand jury at just about the same time? I had jury duty for one week and that was enough for me. I swore I would never ever sit on a jury again.

  3. Our trees are bare. They look so sad!! I have never been called to jury duty. My husband has, numerous times.

  4. I've never been on a jury. It might be an interesting experience. My biggest problem now would be getting there by 8am!

  5. No joy having to get up early and get to courthouse so early.