Monday, October 28, 2013


Yes, we had snow..  a skiff....   but STILL!!!  and it is COLD!!!
AND... NOW the leaves that got wet yesterday from the rain are now frozen out there, to the ground!!!  Grand.....
The light was good in the bathroom, so hence the picture in the bathroom...  wanted to show the necklace I have on.  My Uncle Art sent this to my mother from the South Pacific during World War II..  so it dates from probably 1942 or thereabouts....  she always said it was abalone..  I LOVE it, the necklace part is a woven thread of some sort and has a tiny button closure....
Wore this with my new dress to the first day of Grand Jury.  I was picked for the Tuesday/Thursday sessions, so only two days a week and did not interfere with a doctor apt or spa session I have on the 22nd.. so thought that worked out well. (even tho I was prepared to reschedule those...) Was in orientation today, but got home about 1pm, doglets VERY happy to see me. The people that got the mon-wed-Friday schedule had to start right to work  :)  This seems to be very complicated, and is totally secret, not to say anything to anyone/ever....  but assume you just go thru step by step as the law specifies, sort of like when I had to work and make decisions.. so should be used to the process...
So.. tomorrow is really the 1st day.  May not hear from me for awhile as can't imagine there will be anything I can talk about and no time to do or see anything else...
Take Care All & God Bless
Will be checking in with you all as time goes by...daily....

p.s.  hahahaha... oh, putting on the leggings!!! or panty hose, whatever.. I thought it would be impossible, BUT  they did eventually go on and got them pulled up, but was dreading when I had to go to the bathroom, BUT  the second time was easier, assume they had stretched out and were easier to pull up,  haha.....


  1. That's so funny about the pantyhose. I don't think I've worn them for several years, but I still keep some in one of the drawers "just in case". Living in sweats, jeans, shorts and t-shirts I doubt if I will ever need them.

    Good luck with jury duty. I tried to have a positive attitude when I went in, but got disillusioned with the whole process.

    O my gosh, ice already? We normally don't get such stuff in Sacramento but you never know.

  2. You are really looking good and I love that necklace. Goes perfect with the neckline on your dress. I'm with Gypsy - I haven't worn panty hose in years but then all my skirts and dresses are long. Hopefully you'll have some interesting times in the jury room.

  3. I keep a couple of pair of pantyhose... I can't imagine having to put those guys on again.

    You are looking so good... love the colors.

  4. You look beautiful - love the necklace and it's especially cool since it has a family history.

    I'd love to be on a Grand Jury - maybe some day when I grow up and settle down.

    I had a pair of Peds - remember those? -little nylons that go up to your knees? I've had them since I started out, in my sock drawer, and I wore them a few weeks ago with some Mary Jane type shoes that didn't look good with socks. Later, in the sunlight, I looked down and they were the most God-awful color - looked like they were opaque. And during the morning they proceeded to gather around my ankles. OMG! I'm an OLD LADY. LOL! :)

  5. Great picture and that necklace is a true heirloom. Good luck with the Grand Jury duty.

    We had sun today but is supposed to get down to 29 tonight. No snow forecast for the valley, thank goodness.

  6. You do take the best pictures of yourself and you look great in all of them including this one. What a beautifl necklace. As a WWII piece it is an antique and I'm sure quite valuable at this point. It looks lovely on you. Pantyhose - I can't even imagine it. At 50 I gave up shaving my legs and threw them all out. Now I only own long skirts and one little black dress that I guess I'd wear black knee sox and danskos with if I had to. LOL

  7. Great photo, Loree! My son had a bet with someone that it would snow before Halloween...and they didn't think it would. Well, since he lives in Redmond...he WON!! LOL

    Yuck, Panty hose....I have one pair and it should last the rest of my life. But, still much better than the old nylons and garter belts we used to have to wear.

    What's funny is my 18 year old Granddaughter had never seen a pair till she moved in with us. Oh my, how times change!!