Tuesday, October 1, 2013

things done!!

Spent ALL day yesterday in my pj's watching the 2nd season of Homeland.... boy does the plot shift and turn on a dime... can never even guess where it goes next.... and keeps me involved in really listening to what is happening..... still have more to go.. then do I get Showtime or not?  or just wait until it comes out on dvd??? decisions, decisions...
I cleaned up the backyard.... lots of little limbs and leafs off the trees.. dog bombs... wheel the recycle/debris bin back there to load up the leafs..... is that right or is it leaves???  plugged in the blue pick-up as it was stone dead again... why can't I remember to drive the thing or start and let it run at least once a week??  then moved more gravel about... still trying to get rid of that pile that was dumped there last Spring.... I keep backing into it!!! Am sure I am a continuing source of amusement to the neighborhood as I can NOT figure how to get out of that driveway without going all OVER it, back and forth...  well moving the gravel is a chore... hard work, Brian drove off and told me I was going to make myself sick doing it in the little rain we were having,  sweet of him to care... hahaha
THEN I had to turn off the outside water and unhook the hoses.. and put down the storm windows on the screen doors.... one had completely fallen out when I tried to do it a couple days ago.... that was fun, but accomplished.  Had the bill thing to do, which is pretty easy really as it is all more or less automatic.. just the figuring out what is going out, so that I don't get too much outgoing....  :)  that is the trick....
Doctor appointment tomorrow and am taking an embroidery class Friday.. I have done it before, but never learned in a way to keep the back looking nice and perfect, so thought it would be a nice skill to have.  Need to get those supplies tomorrow when in Bend.  Doglets are out of cookies, birdies need more seed..  Skies are blue right now..
Life is Good and I accomplished a lot!!!!
Take Care All


  1. It makes me sad that you have to do all that work by yourself!!!! if we lived closer we would be over there in a heart beat helping you get it done.

  2. I have not thought about preparing a house for winter in quite a while:)

  3. Boy you were busy today and accomplished a lot. Bet you were that good tired and very proud of yourself.