Tuesday, October 8, 2013


The Florida pelican looks a little out of place, huh??
Dental appointment went well.. nice dentist... young, all doctors are now younger than I!!  Really?? how does that happen???  He even  just welcomed his first child, a little girl, 3 weeks ago.. see, young!!!  It was relatively painless and still have a dead mouth....  weird, hope it is not permanent!

 My dentist finally retired, completely, he had been staying 2-3 days a week to work on his 'older' clients, not US being older, just that  over time,  time had gotten older  :0... haha.. HOW does that work???...  the prices for crowns have gone up..  :(  so I went shopping!!  needed some little (well not so little really when you wear a size 10!)  black ankle boots  :)..  met ladies for lunch, had soup as my mouth was dead...  slurped..

Yesterday planted tons of bulbs.. love doing that and getting ready for Spring, thinking ahead.. it will be SO pretty here on 26th!!! Had somewhat of a difficult time figuring how some of them were to be planted, where the top was. some it was obvious, but those little ones, like crocus are really hard for me.. hope nature will help things along.

Snow level is dropping to 3000' tonight.... right...  good...  Winter really here

Take Care All & God Bless


  1. It can snow in the Fall - winter is not here! We have only had a few weeks of fall and no Harvest Festivals yet either!!

  2. Winter? Oh say it isn't so. Fall equinox was just a couple of weeks ago. Your mums look great and I'll bet your spring bulbs will be gorgeous.

  3. 3,000 whew? that means I must be getting snow as well. sigh. So, that pelican is white and belongs right here on Klamath Lake! I keep looking for a white pelican like that and most of them are all brown ocean pelicans. I love the big white ones, so congrats on your yard art!

  4. we planted a lot of tulip and daffodil bulbs too. But we have a problem. When we dug them up til the fall planting we didnt know how to mark them as to color (the blooms were already off) Soe we are going to have a mish mash of colors in the spring! Do you plant yours in rows of colors and if so, how do you remember what colors they were? Any help or suggestons would be appreciated.

  5. Oh, those bulbs are going to be gorgeous when they come up. You really enjoy your garden, that's such a good thing. :)