Friday, November 22, 2013

50 Years..

Can't believe it has been this long...  I was a sophomore in high school, coming down the main staircase at Redmond Union High School in Redmond, Oregon.  Small town USA... when I heard what had happened,  it seems the world and our innocence was never ever the same....

This is why I joined the Navy..  his inaugural address resonated with me.  It meant so much to so many...  to bad we can't all get there again.  Have that intense purpose in life.  I have been truly blessed in that I was able to be right here, to stand on this spot and read these words in person.  It was  truly moving moment.

Take Care & God Bless one and all


  1. I was a sophomore too, in biology class at the time. JKF, was the true man for all seasons.

  2. I was a sophomore too. I wonder how the world would have been different had he lived. Would he have stopped the Vietnam war? Won a second term? I remember being told that in 50 years all the records about the assaination would be open and available. Has that happened or are we settled on the Oswald/Ruby way of bringing it to a quick close?