Saturday, November 30, 2013

Anything Other Than

Well, apparently I will do anything other than what I am supposed to be doing.  Normally by this time of year I have my Xmas cards all done.  BUT  I have not even started.. well I did sort of start, I have one done, the prototype..  And have assembled all the parts needed.  That is as far as it goes. Have not started making them at all.  Rather than do that, I have just been dinking about.  I can do that better than anyone I know  :)   wanted to put up some lights this year, so had to wash the windows, one thing begets another.  I did get them up!!!  Got the ladder from the back yard, drug around to the front.  Got neat little clips that fit onto the shingle roof, snaked the extension cord out the window, used the little clips on the siding by the window to keep it in place and not jut hanging there.  think it all looks very good actually!!!  While out there had to clip some of the dead flowers in front and clean up that mess, sweep the sidewalks.. see, on & on...
Had to get the mail and look at it, more junk mail, boy am I on a lot of people's list for getting credit cards and catalogs!!!! What a bunch of what not.....
Cleaned kitchen....
Read some.....  computer looking.... see anything other than
Oops, and noticed about 1p that Carl was NOT here, sure hope he left with Brian this morning, that is generally the case on Saturday, but don't remember him leaving, but Bri left while I was still in bed, soooo...............
Oh,  the lights really look great in the dark, I am happy.... wonder if I can get any pictures of that?

Take Care All & God Bless


  1. I think sometimes we just have to do what we are in the mood for. Today it was lights and I'll bet they look great. Your cards are so beautiful that I'm sure you'll be wanting to create them in plenty of time to get them sent off. Hope Carl is with Brian. I just love Carl!!

  2. One thing always leads to about 15 more!! Hope you get some pictures of your lights. It would help if you have a tripod or at least a monopod to hold the camera steady. Don't know what camera you have but even a point and shoot usually has a night time setting or maybe a fireworks setting. You should be able to get a good shot.

  3. This post really cracked me up. I think too many of us an relate to the one thing leading to another and not much getting done. Hope you find Carl. Can hardly wait to see a picture of your lights. We don't do Christmas cards anymore.