Sunday, November 24, 2013


The property TAXES on my house/property did not go up $20,000!!!, the assessed evaluation did.. :) sorry did not make that clear.  The actual taxes made the house payment go up $75 per month.. which I feel is quite a little hike... nothing that comes in goes up that much for sure....

My niece from California is here with her Grandmother for the holidays, so I get to see them now and then.  Which I look forward to and is really FUN... that little Chloe is a whiz/stinker/ little pistol.. FUN!!!  Keeps a person on their toes... we had quite a time keeping her peanut butter sammie away from Luci.  Chloe is just at the right height for Luci to able to reach up and get it.. Had to show Chloe to hold the sandwich up over her head, which she did not really want to do as she wanted to eat it, while laughing and getting concerned... well maybe you had to be there..  hahaha....
I bought a couple toys last year and she remembered they were here, along with the beanie babies that she likes to cart out to the living room and line up, then keep Luci away from them.  If it is on the floor or at her level, it is fair game...

Take Care All


  1. If you think the assessment is incorrect, in most area there is a procedure to appeal. This happened to us in Ohio, when the housing crisis hit, tax revenues started to fall and they tried raising the assessed value to make up for lost revenue. I actually won!

  2. I agree - $75 a month is a big jump. Food and toys - definitely doxie targets.

  3. I think I would definitely ask for a review of the increase. Unless you have significantly added to the value of your house, such as build on a huge addition, etc., I can't imagine a $75 a month increase, or a $20,000 inc. in valuation.

  4. I Think your assessment is a bit steep, as we are just beginning to regain some property value from the last recession. Good luck fighting 'city hall'.

  5. Chloe sounds like a real cutie-patootie!

    I petitioned both San Diego County (several times) concerning my condo property taxes and won every time - and also a little property I own in Santa Cruz County - won there, too. It's simple, just fill out the form, get some neighborhood comps to attach, and send it in. Well worth keeping property taxes low. :)