Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday, Monday

Nothing going on, just doing 'chores' finishing clean-up in the yard.  Washing all bed linens, bathing dog, figuring out what to fix for dinner (which seems to be beyond me at times) Dogs in and out.  Made a couple of cards for Fall.  Laundry. Bills  :(   Getting ready for Grand Jury again on Tues & Thursday.  So, see, not much, such is the fabric of what makes a life  :)
Trying to stay warm.  The McKenzie Pass closed today, always a great harbinger of winter being HERE!!!  Had snow up on the mountains, could see that today.
Take Care all & God Bless.... Safe Travels


  1. Actually sounds like you did quite a bit today. Are you liking jury duty??

  2. I saw the pass closed already...might be a good snow year for the ski resorts. Mt. Hood had some good snow too.

  3. Doing everyday chores can be rather relaxing some times. And you get to break up the time with jury duty. Which could be exciting.

  4. Your weather comments make me glad I don't winter there. You take care of yourself!