Saturday, November 16, 2013

Printer issues

I have an HP 7520... got it in January or so I believe and don't use it all that often, really... not printing photos like I used to... don't know why, no kids around anymore I guess and not making scrapbooks.... but when I want to print something, I like the thing to work!   Out of ink, so got more.  Guess the ink will dry up even if you don't use it... after awhile. so I decided to save some money and get Office Max ink for the black... WELL that did not work.. 1st thing that came up was a message from the printer that it was not HP ink!!.  printed a couple things then, it just stopped, ink all blotchy, skipping, here and there lettering and the photos I tried were all blurred and not the correct color at all!!! and could not get the thing to work at all, re-aligned, did all kinds of diagnostic testing.. to NO avail. so today went and got some HP black ink, the stupid thing messaged me, that I had correctly installed HP ink and it WORKS!!  The packaging on the ink container even says it is HP, altho I know it was not, was in an office max box, so must have been a refill or something.....
So............... aren't you happy for me, that I figured it out, knuckled under and did what the printer told me to do.. will have to see if it now also prints photos..   :)
Stupid printer......
Take Care All.....


  1. I gave up on HP anything. And you sure have to use their ink no other. I love my Kodak but they no longer make them and the ink went sky high now. Good Luck getting it to work properly

  2. I swear you can just about buy a new printer for what they charge for ink. And it is true that the ink dries up whether you use it or not. Don't know if wrapping the cartridges in saran wrap might help that or not in between use.

  3. The cost of ink keeps me from printing my own pictures. It's easier to find a Kodak machine in the grocery and other stores, and print one picture or several.