Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Thanx, Car & Dentist

Everyone was so kind in their comment on me and my service...  You know I was caught up in Kennedy "Ask Not.." inaugural speech.  There is a whole book dedicated to that speech and how it came about and how it was thought McNamera helped....  I say, so?  Kennedy is the one delivering it....  also did not think that only the guys live here in these United States. So do we, women, and we need to also be held accountable, especially if we want to be treated equally....

Well, went to the dentist on Monday to get my permanent crown placed.. whoee, she touched that temp crown with the pliers or whatever to pull it off and I came out of that chair like I had been hit in the BUTT with a cattle prod.  It HURT SO bad  :)  Ooh, she says, did you feel that? well I hope to shout!!!! So had to have another shot..  :)  yes, give me whatever drugs it takes.... that is OK with me!!!  no more pain.    I am a wuss and proud....Said it takes a couple weeks for cold to not irritate it anymore, for the tooth to 'settle down'... let us hope so.  One reason for the crown is so that I can eat on both sides again, would be nice, and so it would no longer hurt with cold or sweet foods...  we will see..... hope a root canal is NOT in my future, never had one of those b4 and this is my 5th crown,  yes, I say 5th....  they always deadened it b4 when they placed the permanent crown, but then that dentist knew me and my lack of strength where pain is concerned....

Then today had the car fixed.  You know the force of the universe or whatever, makes sure I don't save at this time of year (or any other for that matter)  last month it was the tags for the RV. This month I needed a wheel bearing in left driver front side.... $400...my-my..... that does put a dent....

Hope you are all anxious and pain free!!!

Take Care & God Bless


  1. I'm adding my "Thank you for your service - and your bravery." I am very proud of you being in the service. I have to admit I don't know very many vets, my family, for one reason or another, doesn't have many. And I don't know a single female veteran - until you! :)

  2. Oh that sounds terrible with your crown. I have sensative teeth from time to time and use a sensative teeth toothpaste which works really well.

  3. Missed your post yesterday so had to go back. Thank you for your service. What a great picture of you in uniform!

    Hope that tooth settles down for you, but if not, a root canal is not that bad. It's all numb when they do it anyway. Can't believe she didn't numb you before taking that temporary crown off. OUCH!!

  4. I've had so many root canals I've lost track of them. But they are so easy. Absolutely no problem. Can you feel that?? Good grief. Get a clue woman - when I scream and leap out of the chair - I'm in pain and you had better stop what you're doing. At least that is me.

  5. Sounds like the dentist almost made you an astronaut! by launching you out of the dental chair with that pain!