Monday, November 11, 2013

Veteran's Day

(this picture is not mine, taken off computer, there is MUCH more snow up there at this point in time)

'Travlin With John" a fellow blogger had a thing on his blog today from utube called "A Pittance of Time"  it is very good and commemorates Veterans... IF I knew how to imbed that in my blog I would,  maybe..hopefully you can find it and take a look.

I, too, am a veteran... US Navy 1965 thru 1968..  boot camp in Bainbridge, Maryland (can't ever find it on the map) but it was somewhere in the country near Baltimore.  Then stationed in San Diego for "A" school, dental assistant, then stationed the rest of the time in San Diego, processing recruits.  You know I went to San Diego on a long xmas trip a couple years ago, spent 4 days there, and never saw a single sailor the WHOLE time I was there, never even saw a person in uniform, except when we toured the Kitty Hawk at the foot of Broadway.  It was the oddest most surreal thing ever.  When we were there uniforms swarmed ALL over the place!!!

My father was in the US ARMY  1942 to 1946.  He was in the invasion on D-Day at Omaha Beach.  Then went thru France and Germany.  he also drove truck and assisted on the release of concentration camp refugees in Czechoslovakia

Take Care All & God Bless
Freedom is NOT Free.......

My Dad... Vern Larrance
They were SO very young, does he not look young? And they saved the world as we know it...  he left home and did not return for over 4 years.  Grandma Larrance had dad and his older bother by  years, my Uncle Jerry, both gone, what a horrid thing for a mother to not know what was happening to their children, what was going on, where they were, only relying on the mail, no cell phone or computer for communication..

'N me...... I was 18 when this picture was taken.


  1. Thank you for you and and your father's service:)

  2. What wonderful pictures of you and your dad.

  3. Thank you so much for your service to our country, Loree!

  4. You are truly an inspiration, Loree. Thanks.

  5. Loree, thanks for helping to keep America, the land of the free, because of the brave!

  6. Nice legacy of service in your family. Thank you.

  7. Loree - I don't know how I issed this post but I want to add my thanks for your service. I am so very grateful for those of you who were willing to give all for me.