Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Another Birdhouse & Merry Merry

This is currently residing on my front porch and is my favorite birdhouse.. no, no one lives there, except for Hope.....

Cleaned house today.. always makes me feel good to have clean floors and surroundings, picked up, put away.... I had incentive as Carl erped right in the middle of the floor, on the hardwood, thank heavens and NOT on the rug, so that needed to be cleaned, clean, clean, clean..... so why not do the WHOLE place, yes, why not?

Made the BEST blueberry muffins, recipe made 24 of them have to cut that down, no way do we need 24 muffins around here, gave some away, that is a good solution, but think the neighbors are getting tired of me.  Like to cook, but don't want to or can't eat it all.  they had 2 cups of sour cream in them Brian even liked them!!!  Why not, with all that sour cream??? Yummy.... recipe was on Pinterest.... the frozen, bagged blueberries were HUGE!!!

Weather was decidedly warmer today, but not much melting off the roads.... off the roof tho..

We took my Element in to be fixed yesterday, so Brian is enlisted to take me to my nail appt tomorrow :) and pick me up, figure that is apt compensation for picking up the erp!!! Hopefully the car will be fixed by tomorrow afternoon.  The little blue pick-up will not start and needs to be on a charger again and I don't feel like going out there and doing that.... kind of like I can't manage to get myself out there to start the darn thing on a regular basis to keep a charge, but with this cold weather, that may not have worked in any case???

Hope all is well with all of you, you are staying warm!!!  Take Care & God Bless.....


  1. Cute bird house. We are planning on placing several bird homes on the property-after Santa brings some Christmas gifts:)

  2. We are trying to stay in the house and as warm as possible. It's still frozen outside here in Eugene. They expect some rain, maybe on Thursday, but that may not be a good thing if it freezes. Thanks for sharing once again Loree, always enjoy your posts.

  3. Such a darling birdhouse! What in the world did Carl eat to make him sick? I love a really clean house too but hate to do it. Good for you!

  4. Love your birdhouse. I agree, its too cute to hang in a tree. Stay warm!!!

  5. At least he didn't throw up in the bed. That's where we found it the last time one of the girls got sick. Love the birdhouse. Hope is a good neighbor.

  6. I like your birdhouse. If I'm ever in one place again, I'd love to have a bunch of bird houses around the yard. :)