Sunday, December 1, 2013

Carl's Home :)

 What was lost now is found  :)  Haha, he left with Brian yesterday morning.. I was unaware, Brian usually tells me he is taking him, but NOT that morning.... gave me a bit of anxiety, but not too much, just knew he was with Brian and sure enough.  That is a sorry picture too, from way across the room as I could not get out of my chair you know.... He was waiting, patiently for Brian to get out of the bathroom.  Don't know what they think you are doing in there, maybe sneaking out the window?  I don't know, but both of them, Carl & Luci get all flipped out over a closed door......

Then my lovely niece was here at her Grandma's for Thanksgiving and I did not even post any pictures..... Chloe has decided she does not want her picture taken and it is quite the chore to get a decent one, but not like with film... in this digital age we can just delete the stinkers...  here were some of my 'best' and even those are negligible....

She had a hairdo that sort of flopped, but was cute all the same!  I got her the new Owl hat, cute huh??  The woman who does my nails, has a sitter for her 5 yr old and the sitter makes these really cute, innovative hats for kids & adults, also headbands... all crocheted....

the cheesy picture and the 'tongue' one!!!

Take Care All & God Bless


  1. As they say, all is well that ends well:)) I would really like to know what goes on in those doggie brains!

  2. I thought all three of those pictures were great! Glad Carl returned. I love pictures of him even blurry ones.

  3. Welcome home Carl, we missed you. Our girls can't stand a closed bathroom door either. They whine and scratch at the door until they about drive you crazy. And we don't even have a window to escape out of. Those are great pictures. The best kind are the goofy ones.