Friday, December 6, 2013


I stayed in ALL day.  Poor Brian had to go do his snow shoveling job... haha
did not get MY sidewalk shoveled tho  :(
Washed ALL bedding and clothes.  Dogs in and out and they were pretty demanding, in that, when they were done, they wanted IN right NOW!!!!  only got up to 11 degrees today I do believe.... see, time to stay IN the house....
Made some crocheted dish rags,  love doing that, don't know why suppose becuz it is fast and easy and they are pretty when...  really....
Just all cozy, heat cranked up, snow falling, xmas lights on..  pups by my feet or on my lap, very content and happy... yes,  happy
Take Care All & God Bless


  1. I love a happy post. Cozy and warm with pups - nice, really nice. It's 31 here this morning and the girls and out and in very quickly.

  2. Enjoy the snow, by looking out the window at it! We're enjoying a chilly day in Eugene...supposed to get up to 24 degrees today. Won't even melt the crust on the 6 inches of snow in the yard, let alone the ice in the streets.