Monday, January 20, 2014

29 Degrees

Never got above 29 degrees today and we have FROZEN fog!!!
I haven't been out of the house for four days now , I think.... tomorrow it is supposed to be foggy still, so am planning on getting some pictures....
(so Russ-- of Travels With Therapy we have fog too, but frozen on the trees and anything else that does not move,  is yours frozen too?)
Luci spent her day right beside me or in front of the stove with heat blowing out over her.... she certainly knows how to take her comfort.. when she is not in this bed then Carl is!!!  He fills it up and likes it right in front of the heater too!!
I am crocheting dish rags still..

Take Care all... stay warm!


  1. We got up to 39 today! But now is 15 with wind chill is 0. Wind blowing and snowing too! As you know I love freezing fog and I miss it - we never get any here. Stay warm!

  2. You try to stay warm as well. I notice I feel much colder this year than I ever did. Except when I'm sleeping, and spend half the night just covered with a sheet.

  3. We've come close to freezing but have not quite dipped down to that 32* mark. It's 45 right now at 10:30 pm so that's not too bad. Might be getting some sun later this week. Sure am tired of the fog. Stay warm.

  4. We actually had a halfway decent day today. Still pretty cold, but there wasn't that thick must have gotten it over there! I won't be asking for it back, so you can keep it as long as you want. Take lots of photos, those are always great in the fog.

  5. I'll *see* your 29, and raise you a minus 20 (C) with a wind chill down in the minus thirties. (-4F and -22) Trying to decide if I *really* need to go to the store this morning....

  6. Love freezing fog. I think we have had it once since I lived here in Iowa. Today is below 0 with wind chill. So, instead of hiking, I went and got a mani and pedi!