Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Crafts & Doggie Sickness

Made these in a stamp class just before Christmas and they did not have a chance to get into any of the boxes I sent off, sooo what to do with them, think they will make Valentine's treats.. sort of weird, BUT they are darn cute!!!
Stampin' Up has a new tool!!  The Envelope Punch Board which makes those weird cuts like in the top of the snowman's hat and the indents where the scarf is...  also makes envelopes, but the powers that be or just inventive people have come up with all of these NEAT things a person can do with it (I have a board on Pinterest filled with tutorials)  and these are some of them.. also makes the bow where the Santa candy cute it that??...  I think all of my friends are getting one of these cool tools for birthday gifts this year!!! I mean really, it opens up a whole new world of making COOL things... but I was either slow or there is a learning curve with the thing as I could NOT figure it out in a cool, fast manner, but had to slave over it and go thru much paper to get the right thing I was trying to do.

 BUT once figured out, it is easy, peasey....
This angel is made with a ribbon die cut and circle punches.  Have still not got the right glue or tape or whatever to keep it together, keeps falling apart. Which is not very neat, to have the thing falling off the tree every day, parts and pieces here and there, so did not give her away or make anymore until I have it figured out.  But she is darn cute!!

Had to take Luci to the vet again..  she was roaming around, whining/crying, could not get settled and was not happy, would not sit in the chair with me or on my lap, it has been 16 months since the last problem she had
Decided to NOT let it go this time, as knew it would not get better on its own, but just get worse and did not want her to be in as much pain as she was last time.... especially with the week end coming up, she was happy laying on the little heating pad I got for xmas  :) but would not stay there for any length of time.
Her neck is not affected this time, appears to be in her lower back.. she was favoring one of her legs/hips and had a hard time even going up the one step into the house.  When Dr Griffin probed her back, Luci would just shiver and flex away from her when she was near her lower back, the neck rotated really well this time.   She had a chiropractic treatment and got anti-inflammatory and pain pills...

Take Care All & God Bless

Here she is with the pad on her back, does she look relaxed here?  Half in and half out of her little bed by my chair, after taking her pills like a champ with a bit of peanut butter!!
Hope she gets better and is her normal annoying self in no time.


  1. You are so talented Loree. I'm sorry to hear Luci is having troubles again. My mother had a dachshund and lower back problems were recurring with Heidi especially the older she got. Hope Luci will be back to her old self soon.

  2. Poor baby. Sure hope Luci is feeling better fast. So hard to see them in pain.

    Love your crafts - you are very talented.

  3. Loree, I know you will take good card of Luci. It's tough to see them hurting when there's not a whole lot we can do to help. You did good, and she's going to get through it o.k.

  4. Nice stamping! So sorry about baby Luci. Will pray for pain to cease and desist!

  5. I hope the baby is feeling better!
    Your crafting is very beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing!