Thursday, January 9, 2014

Much Better

Luci is MUCH better today..  see what only ONE anti-inflammatory does!!!  Maybe the chiropractic thing helped too!  She is back up in the chair with me... off her feed tho, but am sure that will come back. Sure takes the pill down with a dose of peanut butter well!!! No problems there.
Was a bit icey this morning and had a very small dusting of snow, all melted now.

Stay warm, Take Care & God Bless


  1. Glad to hear that Luci is better today. It's sure nice to see her respond so quickly. That's a good sign. The weather here in Eugene looks like it's gonna be in a very narrow range of temps over the next few days. Forecast calls for highs in the mid to high 40's and lows in mid to low 40'2. That should keep it above making ice outside, but it will most likely rain some.

  2. So glad that the baby is feeling better!

  3. I am so happy Luci is doing better. I hate it when our pups are in pain. I hope the chiropractic fix will work, and the pills will keep the inflammation away. :)