Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Start

Well, today was just sitting here in leftover Xmas 'n decided it was time to START!! So got up out of my chair and CLEANED!!! Brian and Carl hibernated to the garage, their little 'man' space...HA! Put away Xmas (I had not gone overboard this year, was very understated) Took down colored lights. Felt I wanted my stars up a bit longer  :)....    Cleaned out the frig and washed down the shelving.  Had THREE jars of sweet relish in there, what for???? Consolidated.  Washed everything in the bathroom, even took down shower curtains, did the rugs, so now they are all fluffy and rugged  looking, not flat and used....  Washed pet bedding, must have done 4 loads of washing at least, what with laundry too.  Vacuumed and mopped floors/rugs.  Emptied garbage in the house (garbage truck comes on Friday and this week is recycling day too)
So I have a clean in the New Year feeling, looking forward, starting clean... all that 'stuff'... it is a good feeling and things smell nice too, clean and not stale.
AND watched DIY Rehab Addict ALL day, LOVE that show!  She makes it all sound so practical and easy, am sure I could do that too... :)  She knows all these little tricks and tips on how to get things done and looking good, too.  Making something from nothing or from something worn out and useless at the very least.
So the New Year.... I am going to try to do my very best in all I undertake and in life in general, isn't that a lofty goal tho? But a worthy one for sure.... time for reflection, planning, ruminating over things done and left undone
First thing planned is a trip to So Cal for Chloe's 3rd birthday the end of this month at Disneyland!!!  That will be fun. Only be gone for 4 days.. not long at all.  She is very excited about having a Minnie Mouse Birthday!!
Have a couple home improvement things I want to do.. soon... coat hooks and table in the laundry and a fence in the front yard.. garden started...
Want to sign up for hiking jaunts thru park & rec.  Maybe take a couple sewing classes and there is my stamping to continue to improve/learn/meet for.
So things are good, slow and easy gets the job done, right??
At least I got UP and CLEANED and accomplished much this day....

Take Care & God Bless All


  1. If you run out out of stuff to do, feel free to come this way-I will make a list:)

    Happy New Year!

  2. WOW, slow down girl - you're making me look bad hahahaha!!

  3. Geesch - took me all evening to do the kitchen and have not done under the sink yet! And I can't do all those loads of laundry because there is about 8" snow over the ice on the deck - blows it around back there! You done a good job there!

  4. Seriously there's nothing I love more than clean bathroom rugs- that haven't even been walked on.

    Tomorrow is my day to clean- the kids have been warned!!

  5. Gee - are you sure you couldn't have crammed a little more into your day today. But that is a great way to bring in the near year - with a clean house. And did Luci hide all day?

  6. You are very energetic, Loree. What a good way to begin 2014!

  7. You were as busy as a bee! I wanted to let you know that I got the book. Thanks for the beautiful card and crochet work. :)

  8. You are being very industrious there, Loree. You've done enough work to last at least a week, so now go look for some fun things to do.

  9. You are going to strip a gear with all that hard work!

  10. Wow Loree, all that in one day? It sure must have felt wonderful when you were finished. I don't think I could work that hard for that long. You are something. Thank you so much for another of your beautiful cards.