Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines!!!

 These were outside Whole Foods..  beautiful flowers they were.  Could not decide which ones to feature, so went for a few!!!  Such lovely, lovely, flowers, and they were only $20 for a bunch.. did not think that too unrealistic.  A single long stemmed red rose was $2.99...
Nothing too much exciting around this house on this special day.  BUT it is romance..  ahhhh
Will read one of my nice little stories and that will make the day.. Have some things made for the ladies at the spa and going to take them in  bit. Sent some candies to the 'littles' in my life..
Rainy here today, weather guy said it would start raining at 11:45pm last night.. pretty exact huh?  Well, I think it did.. almost all of the snow is gone now, that was fast! There was a bit of flooding as the drains here in Central Oregon can't handle LOTS of wetness  :(  Supposed to get cold again mid week and get some more snow, but they never said it was going to be anything like this last dump.
Oh-- Luci was distressed with the RAIN coming down... she was fast and then whined/cried quite loudly when done.  Sorry little thing, good thing she has me at her beck and call

Hope you all stay high and dry

Take Care & God Bless


  1. Happy Valentine's to you as well, Loree. I keep forgetting there is a Whole Foods in Bend....maybe it would be worth the drive sometime...then I could meet you. Of course, you will hopefully come and kayak this summer in Rocky Point as we have talked about. Probably before I make it to Whole Foods.

  2. The flowers are beautiful. Happy Valentine's Day to you also. I hope the snow level is tolerable - stay warm!

  3. Loree, those are beautiful flowers...can totally understand why it was difficult for you to choose. It's raining here in Eugene, too. I was right to leave the snow on my sidewalk, as it was all gone in just a couple days! (I'm so lazy!!) Happy Valentine's Day to you and Luci.

  4. Gorgeous flowers! One thing I like about going to trader Joe's is they usually have cut flowers too, and at a reasonable price. Happy Valentine's Day to you. Hope Luci can stay dry. Our pups don't seem to care!

  5. Happy Valentine's Day to you. Our girls go under the rig when it's raining which works out pretty good. The flowers are beautiful.