Friday, February 7, 2014

SNOW Day!!

AND it is still snowing outside.  Brian got called at 3am to go shovel snow and was not done until 8am!  There were 3 of them doing the customers.... don't know how many they have.. he is hoping it will stop and he will NOT get called this evening as he is moaning and limping about like the world will end at any time....  I am sure it is hard to get out there and shovel a lot when you are not used to doing that,  BUT  it is work and money....

Here is the little blue pick-up, deader than a door nail.  think it is the battery too, tho and am going to have to charge the thing and get it in to get a new one   :(

 I made Brian get up and take Carl in to his follow-up appointment, saying that is a part of pet ownership, to follow thru and do things when you don't want to... suppose I could have taken him in,  but Brian has to follow thru.  Carl had a GOOD check-up after Brian got him in there, he was not going to walk in by himself  ....  haha  ....  apparently he remembers what happened last time he was there..  hoho...
 You can see his little teeth on the bottom in the picture above and the middle one is missing,  poor boy, he is doing well, is perky and has no problems eating his food or snacks.... so all is well

Luci is still working on that bone!!!

Under the tree in the front yard,  have to get out there and give the birdies more food, I see.  Wonder if the armadillo is comfy in the snow....
You can see where someone went over the sidewalk again with a blower....  did not even hear it this morning....  would like to thank them and give money for gas..... think that would be a neighborly thing to do....
It would just not get done otherwise.... No one else on the street does all that shoveling... haven't seen any kids, school must be off....

Hope everyone is well and staying warm.. this seems to be going on for some time and the East Coast is so much worse off with all the electrical outages and the gas/propane issues. I certainly feel for them.  I am at least really warm and have food from my BIG shopping trip a couple days ago.  Can just sit here and watch the beauty and wonder of the snow fall and life passing my window  :)

Take Care All & God Bless


  1. I saw on the news yesterday that you were going to get dumped with about 6 inches! It has been a snowy winter for us all...we are at 43 inches so far and another 6 weeks to go. Next snow scheduled for tomorrow morning. I am suppose hike the Rock River trail. We will see!

  2. Saw on the weather report where you are a lot colder over there than we are here. We may have as much snow, though. Hope it stops pretty soon. Enough is enough, don't you think?

  3. Here's to hoping all that white stuff melts quickly. Enjoy your weekend.