Monday, February 17, 2014


Look what is coming up in the front yard!!!  Guess these daffies don't know we just had a foot of snow, or they know something "we" don't!!!  which would be REALLY a good thing!!!

Just finished an 'eternity' scarf!!  It took an eternity to complete, maybe one of the reasons they call them that!  HA!!  same stitches over and over and over until you get 5 feet or more of scarf, then twist and sew one end to the beginning.... fun, huh???
but this is sparkly and cool looking.. hope there person I made it for likes it!!!

(goofy picture and my hair is a mess..oh well)

We have had a bitter wind all day, but would be nice if not for that....  my niece sent message on Facebook that they are in Desert Hot Springs at Sam's enjoying a day in the sun, swimming.... geez... told her I was VERY jealous!!! It is in the 80's there!!!!

Take Care All


  1. We had that cold nasty wind here yesterday too. I forgot to check on my daffys but I have a lot of tulips trying to come up already. Don't know if they'll survive the new dogs! Great job on the scarf - very pretty!

  2. Why do you think they are known as "daffies" , Loree?? They obviously didn't look before they poked their little green heads up out of the ground. Maybe we could use them to predict the remaining weeks of winter instead of that old ground hog?

  3. The scarf is beautiful. I love the sparkly stuff. Hopefully spring isn't too far away.

  4. I love the picture of the daffodil shoots surrounded by the snow/ice. Life goes on.

  5. Makes me want to dig down in my 5 and 6 foot snow banks and see if anything is popping up!

  6. The scarf is gorgeous, Loree! I'm knitting a smaller infinity scarf for one of my darling DIL's for her birthday--a soft blue/green angora mix. We have tulips coming up but your daffies coming up after the snow you've had--that borders of miraculous! Have a great day!