Thursday, February 6, 2014

Trip Misc

For my friends in Iowa!!!  This is Mt Rainier peeking out of the clouds right after we took off for Calif from SeaTac.... last Friday

Here we are in Big Bear... Chloe, Sacia and Nanny  outside the Teddy Bear/Doll House..  what a FUN place to go....  We all got carried away... Chloe got a teddy/doll that sang,' smile when your heart is breaking'--that just about drove us crazy on the ride home, until she fell asleep...Chloe not the doll  :)

LOVE these big things,  yucca???  don't know, just want one for my yard.  even if it is just a dried one to prop up somewhere....  They are just so striking.  would like to see them bloom... am sure they do, don't they?  Have huge seeds pods.....

The first part of that drive to Big Bear is REALLY curvy..... and it was colder up there too, the wind seemed to just be howling down the streets....  We ate at the Peppercorn, 2nd time I have been there and they have good food.... not been disappointed yet, good service, nice surroundings...

We have a tiny bit more snow this morning, supposed to be a whole lot more, but don't think it is going to happen.. clouds too high..  still cold out there, BUT my fingers are not sticking to the aluminum of the screen door today, which is a good thing....

Have another UTI...started when in Calif, went to doctor as soon as I got home and am being medicated, so no longer have the backache I always get, which is a good thing, just want to curl in a ball and stay there forever when that happens....  so now I can get about and DO things around that need to be done..... a good thing....

Take Care All & God Bless
Hope everyone is staying warm and safe........


  1. I think that's a Century Plant. You would have to be patient to see it bloom. :)

  2. Clueless (as usual) about the plant. It looks like a good time was had in California!

  3. Clearly clueless, as I thought it was a tree:)

  4. It's been many many years since I have been to Big Bear. Was one of my favorites places as a kid since I grew up in the San Bernardino area. I bet it has changed a lot.

    We got about 3-4 inches today but it is the COLD that is getting to me. In the low 20s all day. Stay warm.

  5. Ranier looks so bare. Shouldn't it have snow on it?

  6. Beautiful pic of Mt. Rainer - thank you! At first glance of plant I said Yucca. Would be interesting to know!

  7. It's Friday, and we have lots of snow on the ground. It's been snowing all day and still coming. It's been cold, too. The snow is dry, and there have been some real big flakes from time to time. Lots of folks out having fun in the snow, too. Saw snow mobiles, 4 wheelers, sleds, just about everything you could imagine. We're staying inside.