Friday, March 14, 2014

Big Carl

 Look at the name of the burger!!  Haha... Carl was very interested in that hamburger!!!   He did share a part of it with Luci.  They don't usually get such things to eat.  One of Brian's co-workers ordered two, then could not eat the 2nd one, so it was saved for good 'ol Carl.
Farts were ALL over the house after that one!!!  Weird how things like that affect the dogs....
 Went for a walk this afternoon, as it was such a beautiful day!!!  don't know how many times I have gone this way and never saw Snoopy on this shed roof before....  Geez, how observant am I???  Well at least I finally saw it, and how cute is this???  This place has all kinds of walkways and built up flower beds and different cacti all about, they really work in it too, as it is always nice looking.  Lots of bird song about them, they must put out food too.  Also the same people have one of those little mini libraries in their front yard by the street, take a book, leave a book.. I have done it a couple of times,  it is a cool way to recycle books you have read and to pick up something different.

Look at the sparkle in that water!!!  Irrigation is on for a couple days, not on permanently until 15th of April..., they turn the water on a couple days a month as there are people in the country who only get their water from the irrigation ditches and have cisterns for their domestic water.

Oh!  LOOK what is in my yard!!!

Was so excited to see this.. there about 6 of them in the yard, I put these in when I first moved in.

Have a bunch more coming up here and there as I planted a BUNCH of them last fall, lots of daffodils and crocus... have little green stubs coming up here and there, everywhere.  Got out and did some clean up and weeding this afternoon, if the wind dies down tomorrow will go out and do more tomorrow.... Those goll darned weeds are just coming up all over the place and have to keep up with them as they are NOT going to win!!!
Take Care All


  1. The crocus is beautiful and a sure sign that spring won't be far behind.

  2. Sure nice of Carl to share HIS sandwich with Luci. Our girls gets small bites of good stuff but only once or twice have they ever had gas. Thank goodness. Beautiful flower. Spring is definitely here.

  3. Crocuses are so beautiful! A sure sign of spring. farts are sooo bad! But Carl undoubtedly doesn't think so--the burger must've tasted great!

  4. I want one of those little libraries! They're so cute!

  5. Well you got me with the title. I could not imagine how Carl got BIG. Too funny, a burger named after him. Love that Snoopy. Those folks sound like neighbors I would love to meet. Beautiful crocus. They always make everyone so happy as the first signs FINALLY of spring.