Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St Pat's!!!

Isn't it funny how so many connections are Irish?  My ancestors on BOTH sides are Scotch-Irish.  Meaning we are from Scotland, sort of the lower/middle part. We were brought to Ireland in the mid 1600's I do believe to help alleviate 'the troubles' with a little new blood in there  :)  The Wallaces immigrated to the States in the early 1700's to the Delaware area.  The Larrances to the Tennesse area at about the same time I do believe, am a little sketchy on that part.... other parts the Keenon/Shaw (grandma Larrances relatives) came thru Prince Edward Island and by wagon in the late 1800's to Oregon.  The Wallaces eventually made it to Oregon by car in the early 30's from Iowa....  Now wasn't that so very interesting??   :)  The migration is interesting to me.
Then there is Mom & Dad's love story.....  Grandma & Grandpa Larrance were living in Grandma and Grandpa Wallaces rooming house in Canby, Oregon during WWII-  Mom was a high school senior and Dad was already in England waiting for D-Day.  Grandma Larrance asked Mom to write to Dad as he was lonely.  She did.  When he got back (thank heavens, because he was on Omaha Beach) and they meant...that was the rest of the story.  They married June 16th, 1946....  I was born April 19th, 1947!!!!!

Hope you all have a grand St Patrick's Day!!!!   Take Care and God Bless Ye All


  1. Very interesting that you can trace your ancestry back so far.

    Got a chuckle out of the pic. :)

  2. really interesting. I am 1/4 scotch-irish. Love the cat picture

  3. Lots of Scotch Irish in my background also. But I sure don't know much about any of my ancestors. Happy St. Patty's Day to you.

  4. I have worked on my own genealogy for quite a few years, and love every bit of it. Having lived in Europe for 3 years I can really see a difference between them and Americans - we are a combination of so many nationalities that we are way more open minded about them.

    Happy St. Patrick's Day to you!

  5. Jim has some Scots-Irish too. Me--Norwegian. Jim's family came to Virginia in the early 1700's & then went down to Texas. I have family who came early on to Oregon & still have lots of family there, primarily in Silverton. Happy St. Pat's, Loree!

  6. Lucky you to be able to trace your history back so far and know from whence you came so to speak. Sweet story about your parents.