Saturday, March 22, 2014


Went to see 'Divergent' as I just got done reading those books.... the books are SO much better than the movie, so much was left out. They didn't even leave it like the 1st book, with a cliff hanger, so don't know what direction next movies will take... weird, but guess there was not time to get everything in there like the book....
Then got home and watched 'Saving Mr Banks'  what a good show, that PL Travers who wrote Mary Poppins was such a fractured soul.... so very sad her life was.... Mr Disney got quite upset with her- his jovial goodness apparently fell on deaf ears for the longest time!!!
We had a GREAT day today, even took the doggies for a walk.  Poor Carl, he wants to GO so badly he just quivers, but is having a problem walking after we get back, he is so muscular, but not in very good shape at all.  We don't even go that very far really  :(  Am trying to work him up to longer walks, but don't know....
Such a beautiful day.....
Take Care All


  1. It's sure hard to see them unable!

  2. It's expensive to go see a movie these days--sorry this one was disappointing. Sure hope Carl feels better soon!