Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spa Day!!!

 Mani/pedi day!!!  I just LOVE these days of pampering.  Wish I had 'discovered' them earlier!  I like feeling the best I can feel.  With that in mind, one would think I would get myself to the gym, huh???  I have to sadly say that I pay for it every month and can't get myself to get in there!!!  Excuses... too cold to get out, snow on the road,  too early (well a person does NOT have to go at the crack of dawn, they are open ALL day)  On the 9th my yoga class starts in the early evenings on Wednesdays....  I AM really planning that April will be the start of NEW things and I will be getting 'in there'  Really want to get endurance so I can do hiking.  There are LOTS of places to hike in Central Oregon... and groups to join or go with....Sooooooo.. 
This is Wendy my nail 'person'  just love her to death, such a nice, nice person.  'Ola Spa in Redmond is the bomb, they are ALL kind, helpful and make you feel a part of the fam!!!

I have another day where I get my hair and waxing done....  split them up so it does not affect the pocket all at once  :)....  
Here are my nails, getting ready for 'curing'.  I have shellac on them and they last me about 4 weeks before they have to be redone.  I am not easy on them either, dishes, yardwork, cleaning, you know all the 'stuff'  of life and home ownership...  This is so the old can be chipped off and new put on.

Here are my finished toes!!!!  Don't you love???  two coats, then a coat of glitter.. becuz.. don't you know everything is better with glitter on it!!!!  (plus the base and top coats) and they last for 6-8 weeks....
Tomorrow taking clothes to people I know in the valley.... and left overs will go to a womens shelter in McMinnville.... think I have pretty well got the closets and drawers all pared down to what I can actually wear.... not really to what I actually wear... that would be nice, BUT I always think I need more than what I need, Have to have choices  :)
Take Care All & God Bless


  1. Everything is definitely better with glitter on it. LOVE GLITTER!!! Does your gym have classes or groups?? If you join a group then you might be more likely to go to see the folks you meet. At least that's how it works for some folks who have trouble getting themselves to actually go to work out in a gym.

    I must confess to laughing when I saw the title Spa Day. I knew that it was probably your mani/pedi but a picture of Carl at a spa flashed through my mind.

  2. Hahaha! I also thought this was going to be about Carl! Too funny! God bless the angels who do hair & nails--they make life so wonderful!! The glitter is fantastic!

  3. I'm glad that you treated yourself!

  4. You might want to do some research on the shellac thing. About a month ago I read something about the dangers of it on our nails. Can't remember if it was on Yahoo or what. Guess you can Google "Shellac manicure dangers".