Sunday, March 23, 2014

Todays Tidbits

Read Sunday paper first thing.. LOVE BIG Sunday paper....Dogs in and out, tacos for dinner, sick tummy after a lunch of 1/2 can of beef barley soup?  what's with that?  took a nap after I got back from weekly grocery store trip.  Just seems like Sunday is the day to do that :)  laundry of sheets.... trying to find directions for places in the valley on computer, used Google.. what do others use?  mapquest would not work!! Luci fractious, would not eat and almost bit Brian.. that did not go over big....  not much goes on here.. just daily doin's...  even forgot to walk the doglets  :(
tonight The Amazing Race and The Good Wife  ....
Take Care All--  Drive Safe


  1. Lots of "just living" days in our world. Our girls wouldn't let us forget the walk.

  2. Your life is full and interesting. Thanks for sharing!