Monday, March 10, 2014

What to do....

Am in a Spring funk I think....  not quite Spring yet, things happening out there, we are to get some great weather this week, even into the 60's.  One would think I would want to get outside and DO something.  Today it poured rain for awhile,  was sunny, but a cold wind was blowing.  All I could muster was a poop patrol outside.. stand and look at the back yard and wonder what to do, what to do????  Need more grass under those huge trees, but have tried twice now and it is a no go,  Oh for awhile it takes and grows, then something happens and the grass dies or is just gone.  Where did it go?  Want to go South to see my niece, but don't really have the wherewithal, and she wants me to come again in June, then drive back with her, so there should be where the money is saved for.  BUT then I am not really doing what I want to do... Can't I do both- NO..  Ah, well.. we don't always get to do what we want to do, do we?  What is for the best?
Should take some classes.  The community thing for Parks and Rec came out and there are some cool things in there I could do,  hiking.... something about tofu..need to know more about that, too!!!  The quilt stores have some classes, one for bags.. like making and giving those.... but that always turns out to be expensive too.... material, boy howdy, that has gotten to cost a lot!!!
(and it seems after reading this back that I am a real whiner.. I have nothing to whine about, really I don't)
Then have a bag of clothes I need to get rid of and people who want them, who live in the valley, so a trip over there would be a good idea, BUT not going over there with snow on the road....
It is like I am at a crossroads as to what I should be doing and needs to be done and can't make the decisions that need to be made.  A lack of incentive or will or something, can't put my finger on it.  Maybe if I just stew on it for awhile, things will just come to me and what needs to be done will be made obvious to me... do you think???
I do know that I need to get going on things around here, and stop just sitting/ thinking/ reading...
I did get the new Diana Galbadon anniversary edition of the 'Outlander" and can hardly wait to start re-reading it!!! BUT am into the 'Divergent" series and want to see where they go,  so far--very interesting.... (  ;)--reading)
Take Care All.. safe travels to all, this appears to be the month that people are moving from one place to another..from winter digs back to summer or regular digs.....


  1. Your dilemmas seem to be prevalent this time of year. Want to do something, need to do something else, can't focus on what I WANT to do, etc. It all works out though, so take heart.

  2. Loree, I think it's just that time of year. I have been in a terrible funk for two days, now. Can't sleep...and when I do, it's just for a few hours and then I am back up again. I am SO ready for nice weather and Spring to be here!!

    Hang in there!!!! I want to go up and see my Granddaughter, but I won't travel till I am sure there is no snow on the pass.


  3. Must be contagious! When I get in a funk, I start experimenting with recipes and cook. Then I have to find people to eat the stuff.

  4. Springtime Loree, it's hard on all of us. Not quite warm enough to get outside for very long. Not quite dry enough to enjoy a drive very far. Not quite enough drive to enjoy going very far, either. Just a good time to settle down and read and stay dry and warm. This grey, wet, blustery weather is what we've come to expect in March most of the time. April is always a bit better. Wait for's on the way! Take care of yourself and Luci.

  5. Boy it seems to be contagious. I don't remember being in a real funk during the spring in years past but some how I have been recently. I notice everything I don't want to do that I really need to do but don't make myself do and then the pressure to do it is increased. Sheesh!

  6. I think between the time change and the nearness of spring (and maybe winter still on our heels), a funk is actually called for. There's plenty of time and good weather ahead. Spend today reading.