Tuesday, April 8, 2014

More Springing!!

OH!!!  LOOK!  I have got ALL kinds of blooms on my little magnolia plant (anyway that is what I think it is and what I call it) It started out like little pussy willow buds, those fell off, now these are bursting out.  Gave it a good drink of water today.
Yesterday I fertilized the yard and watered it well..more weeding... that seems to go on forever.....
Lost the heather I put in last year.  Deader than anything I have ever seen and the ones in Bend at the mall are blooming away, so it would have been time for them to 'do their thing'  which they did not do.  :(

AND I have leaves budding on my red twig dogwood bushes.... aren't they the cutest things?  Have been watching them, there are three of them and all have leaves coming out,  it is a GOOD THING!

Then there is the fesque!!!!  which is turning green...  see the green...  it is nice....

These are different daffies, I put in a BUNCH of different kinds, these are especially pretty and colorful.  Also have a bunch of the huge just plain golden ones.  Which are really happy looking. They seem to last for along time too. Yesterday and today it was in the low 70's.  Just go out back and sit in the sun with the pups.  They lay like little pigs at the South side of the house on the wet earth and green, green grass, until they are so hot they are panting..  Silly things!
Take Care & God Bless All


  1. Looks like a pink saucer magnolia to me. They are beautiful trees.

  2. Beautiful flowers make for a beautiful Spring. Our girls lay on the hot rocks until they are panting. But they just love it.