Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Snowing Today!!!

This was last Thursday when I drove to Corvallis!!!  When I came home on Monday, yesterday, the road was bare and no snow in the trees.... Today MORE snow....
Pouring rain in the valley..  Sunday it was almost ok.. hardly any rain.  The Willamette River was free flowing, over running its banks, dirty brown in color...

This picture was taken at a yard sale in Philomouth... Raining again  :)
had a great time with my friend Carol C. who lives in Corvallis, she was able to take many of my pants, some tops.... We also went to an estate sale and to some second glance clothes stores.... We had a good time visiting and catching up.

This was taken in Beaverton...LOTS of green..  went to the Outlet stores in Woodburn as I wanted to check out the Cabi Store.... then went to a "New To You" store, which is a step up from goodwill, and humane society stores...  prices are a little more, but they are in it to make money, it is not for charity... there were LOTS of clothes, but for $74 I got 11 items... two jackets, skirt and tops,  and one of the blouses an AnnTaylor Loft probably cost that amount originally.. I am really happy with what I found..all in black and white/grey so things all matchy match :0  AND I got 10% off as I am a veteran..!!!  who knew??  fortunately I had my med ID card to show as proof.... 
Today is the 1st, so bill time   :0......   Waxing and hair today, lunch with the 'ladies'
 Had a hard time staying warm...when, oh when will I ever be able to turn OFF the heat???
Take Care All...stay warm..............................


  1. The northern part of the US has sure been having a long hard winter this year. I know my kid in Montana is getting really sick of snow and more snow.

  2. It sounds like you got some great deals. The snow is much prettier than our rain.

  3. It sounds like you got some great deals. The snow is much prettier than our rain.

  4. Great finds!! Lucky you at the thrift store!!

  5. Hey, we are home, and it is great to see all those flower photos, although they aren't here yet. Fun getting new stuff, isn't it!

  6. Oh no MORE snow! Poor you! Sure glad you have those flower beauties to remind you that it has to quit soon. Nice to have a friend to give things to. I know she appreciates it. Let's not mention taxes. Why can't we just have a flat tax for everyone, no loopholes, no forms. I do mean everyone! No exceptions

  7. Gosh, enough already in Bend, Miss Winter! Sounds as if you had a great trip to the valley & Portland! Stay warm!