Monday, April 28, 2014

So It Goes

Three days and have had nothing to say... just not DOING anything.  Just daily 'stuff' that goes on and on.  Plans get cancelled, things come up, I get to stay home and no trips to Salem in near future.  Snow on the mountain Saturday would have been tricky getting over the pass in any case.  Did yard work today, so satisfying.  Things look nice.  Lost about 5 things I had planted... so have to be careful what I get to put out this year.  BUT we had that -20 degree weather this year and I think it took most of them.  You know, by the time I get that darn lawn mower started I am exhausted and haven't even started the mowing yet or the emptying of the catcher!!
 Finished the latest Harlan Corbin book, "Missing You", it was a good read.  Starting a Tami Hoag mystery, seem to be into mysteries lately. 
House needs a going over and more than likely do that tomorrow  :(  Have dental apt also.... just that time of year....
Have low zinc and over active thyroid and am mal-nourished  :)  Which in reading those two things sometimes go with being mal-nourished... not enough protein and I KEEP trying to get MORE.  Geez, if it is not one thing it is another....  One would think with all the crap I was eating when over weight that I would have been mal-nourished then, guess with just the volume I was getting enough?  Who knows.....
Knees are doing SO much better!  Being able to walk, comfortably, is a GOOD thing!!
Take Care All & God Bless


  1. Your yard work ends with so much beauty that it is worth the work! That's after the nap, and the aspirin, and doggy lap time. Recuperation is what gives us a perspective after the work!

    Take care of yourself...your health is most important!

  2. Ho-hum kind of days are good once in a while.

  3. I spent yesterday doing absolutely nothing. Never even got out of my jammies! Talk about ho-hum.

  4. Only three days:) I seem to be blank sometimes for weeks on end:(

  5. I'll take your over active thyroid. Mine has gone on strike. But Mal-nourished? Really? Sounds in your posts like you are eating very well.

    I like mysteries too especially when I don't want to think very hard about anything. But nothing gruesome. I never try to solve them. Just finished W is for whatever it as by Sue Grafton. LOL I can't even remember the title.