Sunday, April 6, 2014


More laundry today,  ALL the bedding, BUT did work in the yard and got out big clumps of grass in places it was NOT supposed to be, two wagon loads of throw away stuff.. Was 62 today!!  wow, so very, very pretty,  but I even took a nap  :)  there are just some days for that and I guess after digging out that grass I deserved it..

All the lovely daffies that I planted last October are WONDERFUL!!!

Take Care All and travel safe!!!


  1. Your flowers look so very lovely!

  2. The daffodils are gorgeous! You deserve spring after the winter you had!

  3. You have so much blooming already! I have very little green even sprouting up. I did get two yard bags of stuff out of the flower beds this morning. Perhaps that will help.

  4. When you said, "was 62 today" I was going to say Happy Birthday, youngster! Then I re-read it and saw you meant the temperature. LOL

    Gorgeous daffodils! :)

  5. Bulbs are so terrific. It's like giving yourself a gift ahead of time. So much fun when they pop up in the spring. Beautiful!