Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Two Mtns

Mt Jefferson.. like the different band of colors in this picture.... note topknot on the summit and cragginess in the middle

Mt Hood... this one I like the definition of mtn ranges in the foreground, and the trail of smoke midway across picture..   note the sweep and then bump on the left side of mtn.. that is Goats 'something' can't remember the name... and there is no topknot as on Jefferson...
Clean house today and dentist sys I am in good shape, tooth wise....
The stars have aligned and I get to go to Salem for a couple days.  just to 'get out of town'  I am looking forward to it, Luci and I will be traveling... have to dose her with flea crap, she will be thrilled  :)  she hates that stuff/smell.
Supposed to be 80 Thursday!!!  Can barely wait!!!!
Take Care All


  1. Gorgeous photos, Loree! I love the Oregon Cascades--especially Three Sisters! Have fun in the big city!

  2. Great mountain pictures, Loree. Nice to get such good pictures while they are still covered in snow!

  3. We are at Bend/Sunriver RV Park and the mountains are "jaw dropping" beautiful. How wonderful that you can enjoy them every day!

  4. Two of my most favorite mountains...and I can see them daily out from my windows of my house. Never get tired of seeing them.

    I just came over Mt Hood Pass on Monday night...and there was snow. There was snow on the sides of the road, going over, but nothing on the road...and then coming home....SURPRISE. I hate driving in snow. Have fun in Salem!!!

  5. Beautiful mountains! Lucky you!! I'm with Lucy about the smell of that flea stuff. I hate it too. But glad you both are able to "get out of town".