Thursday, April 10, 2014


Look who was in the front yard this morning!  So exciting... do you think they were eating from my bird buffet?  There is an irrigation ditch just beyond the house next door out my back door.  There are LOTS of ducks in it... it is sort of a little haven back there, we go for our walk back thru that way..  lots of evidence of deer too. When I went to get the paper, they were not too disturbed and still stayed around.. Pretty, pretty...

This is what Carl likes to do on days like this.... just taking his ease..

This morning was doc apt for the bariatric surgery.. all is well, blood numbers were where they are supposed to be.  They have more or less 'cut me loose' and I only go in once a year now, unless something comes up.  THEN I went to the gym, I know, I know.. don't fall off your stools  :)  took me 24 minutes to walk a mile on the treadmill.. don't think that is very good, is it?  But it is a start.  Wanted to talk to the doc about the exercise as I don't want to loose any weight.  Was told to do strength and walking, not any high impact cardio (thank heavens,-- as if!!) build muscle and endurance, so I started....
THEN I came home and picked poop, then mowed the front and back yards, 1st time this year!!! Had to empty the grass catcher twice,  THAT is almost more than I can do.  Then chopped more grass/weeds  out in the garden area.  Think that is about done now, just have to keep up with it and not let it get ahead of me thru laziness....  (AND it was only 12:21p!!! just think of all the things a person could get done if they get up early and get doing!!)

 HAVE got to get 'the guys' out here to help do the garden area.... move the rail road ties, get fill dirt/compost.... get horse manure..  brother has LOTS of that!!! Get the fence up..  lots to do....

Have two exciting things coming up....made reservation for a one way flight to So Cal to see my niece, then will drive back up here with her.  Also have flight and reservations for a Caravans tour of the 'leaves' in October...  got sort of on the tail end of that as procrastinated so hope the 'leaves' will still be there and be beautiful, if not it will still be fine, just a grand experience and see some of the country have not seen before.

OH!!!  Had my 1st yoga class yesterday and it was GREAT, she appears to be a good teacher and we have 9 in the class, so not too big, lots of attention to doing things correctly AND I could now do most of the moves, where before had trouble bending, I bend pretty good now, stiff at some, but am sure that will get better with time, felt good after it was over!!!! I CAN do this!!!
Take Care all & God Bless....Safe Travels for all on the way home!!!!


  1. What a pleasant upbeat post! Fun to read. (that sounds like I don't think your posts are pleasant or fun... I didn't mean that.)

  2. Beautiful picture of your mallards. What does Carl think of them? Probably pays them no mind at all I suspect. Love the picture of him of course. You will feel better and better the more exercise and yoga you do but you seem to be getting quite a work out in your yard!

  3. Carl looks as if he's on high alert--glad only 2 ducks got past him! Woof--your gym workout sounds strenuous! So glad spring is there!

  4. Spring is in the air and Carl is on red alert for duck invaders. Makes for a great blog post.

  5. So glad you are well, and Carl is napping, and the Mallards are doing their thing!