Friday, May 9, 2014


Got some comments about Dr laura....  I listen to her, BUT I certainly do NOT agree with everything she says.. Especially about working mothers.  and she is mean at times... I just glean what I think I can use out of what she says and ignore the rest and don't feel that she has had to live in the 'real world' of single motherhood or had to get out of a horrid marriage and had to make her own way in the world we live in today.  OF COURSE it would be a wonderful thing to stay home with your child and give them ALL your attention every day.  But that is not real for a lot of today's women, so give advise that is pertinent and wise for them in the now and not what you wish it could be.  AND it would be a wonderful and good thing if we could make the right decision to begin with :)  HA!!  Yes, that would be a wonderful thing....
We are in for a drizzle they say and thunderstorms for early evening, we will see...  would be nice to get some wet and not have to water.
This poppy was at Bauman's Nursery near Woodburn.
Take Care All


  1. That's a beautiful poppy. We are supposed to get up into the high 80s next week but it is pouring here today (off and on).

  2. That poppy is a beautiful shade of blue/purple. I don't agree with everything I hear either... heck.. sometimes that's even what Bill's saying ;-)

  3. I hope you didn't think I was being judgmental that you listen to Dr. Laura. Not at all. :)

    Beautiful Poppy. I don't know why I thought poppies were all orange - maybe because I'm from California and our state flower is the California Poppy, which is orange.

  4. I've never listened to Dr. Laura. I know. however. that the poppy is gorgeous & I wouldn't ever listen or watch anyone who was a yeller! I do not like yellers.

  5. I can't remember ever listening to Dr. Laura although I've heard of her. I was a stay-at-home mom for about 13 years until I simply had to go back to work just to help feed and clothe the kids. That was a different time back then and I'm fortunate I could stay home for a while, but most women today don't have much choice. Each person has to decide for themselvss what they should do or not do, and then receive encouragement to succeed in their choices.

  6. If that's the same Dr. Laura from many years ago she must be 110 by now. Did she have a TV show about 35 yrs ago? If it is her no wonder she doesn't have a clue about today's world.