Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day

Little Redmond, Oregon.  VFW/ boy scouts put out 1275 flags along the main streets in downtown Redmond on Memorial Day, Flag Day, 4th of July and rodeo week!!!!  Oh, Veterans Day too....  You can buy a flag, then it is embroidered with your name. Or family name..that may be a thing I can do for Dad... and me!

 It is an inspiring sight....

THEN I got gas and went on Century Drive to see snow!!!  Like I really like snow, but it is something that I like to do every year, after the snow is all removed.  This road just opened last week-end.  On the sign you will notice the road is red colored.  Well, they used to pave the roads/highway with cinders, making the roads red.  We always knew as children traveling from the valley to Central Oregon, when we were finally getting there due to all of a sudden the roads turned red!!!!  Probably when we went over into Jefferson county..Exciting time, but then still was another hour or so to our destination.  Mom had a funny story of our first trip here, in early 50's, in the summer, with a whiney toddler (me) who was thirsty!!! And are we there yet???  apparently said over and over.  She said she was never so glad to be anywhere!!! Remember the roads were not as streamlined, cars were not as fast, and it was in the 90 degree temp and no AC!!!

Here we are just past the gate at Mt Bachelor.  Snow was only up to mid car... have been over here when you could not  see over the top of the snow berm... the good old days  :)

You can see little tinges of Spring showing up here...

West side of Mt B and Sparks Lake...

Devils Lake...  this is a beautiful blue/green in the summer

A hardy soul at Elk Lake!!!!

Crane Prairie....  they have a nice rv park and camping and little cabins, store/resort....

AND had to get a picture of the flag on the dock.  It was a pretty day, but let me tell you boy-howdy it was bitter cold and windy....  Mom and Dad used to come here fishing all the time, it has gotten much nicer since they camped here, more built up I guess.  Then there were also lots of dead trees near the shore and out into the lake, can see there aren't any there anymore.  The ospreys used to build big, elaborate nest in those snags.....
Take Care All  & God Bless


  1. Is this snowy area one of the areas you are thinking we are going to hike? Looks very pretty! Hard to believe the snow is still so deep on the side of the road and yet I encountered that and more last May in my travels!

  2. Nice flag display! And what's Memorial Day without a visit to the snowy mountain! ;-)