Sunday, June 1, 2014

A Start..

Oh....  look what my brother made for me!!!  SO excited, it is a start to the garden.  He delivered this afternoon.  Am thinking I may need to turn the long one, aren't the rows to go north to south ?? and I think I want to have short rows instead of long ones..... the way the box it situated it is n/s so short rows would run east/west..  wrong???  right?  I am sure Sherry would know....

The taller 4x4 is for potatoes and root veggies.  Have to read that Pinterest where which things like being with what things.....
Note there are NO weeds in this plot of property, have taken it quite seriously to keep them out of there and they will just pop up ALL the time, all of a sudden there will be a nice healthy one that springs up overnight..what is that???  AND the deer visited again last night... geez 'o Pete..... eating my little ornamental cherry tree leaves, and forget -me-nots, geranium, pansies. the dirty little buggers.  AND they have to go right under my bedroom window and Luci is not doing her job and waking up and telling me something is out there!!! So I might scare them off....  A garden is doomed without the fencing up.  I know they like squash blooms!!!
----> is a Dutch Iris, guess I get only 2 blooms!  The regular iris in the backyard only had 3 blooms on one stalk.  Have got to read up on what they need to get more blooms on them!!! They must be missing something.....
Tomorrow, going to get dirt!!!!

Take Care All & God Bless

The lilacs are all gone, but the hawthorne tree is still blooming like crazy!!


  1. Yippee for Jerry! Looks great!

  2. Darah probably can tell you which direction to plant.....her garden always does well.

  3. I'm happy you are having so much fun with your gardens. If/when I settle somewhere with space, I'd love to have a little flower and veggie garden again. You need some mesh or wire stuff to put over your yummy plants to keep the deer away. I love the deer, but it would be frustrating to watch the plants come up, then be GONE overnight.

  4. Oh drat! big cute furry rats with sweet eyes. Gorgeous in the forest and not so much in our gardens or yards! I use Liquid Fence, all natural but smells incredibly bad. I have come to love that smell as I watch the deer circumnavigate around my yard and go to the neighbors.